Peak Oil Production…OMG

peak oil graph

Because they only made so many old, raggedy dinosaurs


From the chart on the right, you can see the predicted world peak oil production... looks like 2012-13 to me. Notice how the line heads south in rapid order; Down 25% by 2020… that is incredible!!!

I can understand why oil companies want to drill everywhere; Artic Circle, way off shore, Tar Sands of Alberta. Lord Have Mercy! we are gonna be short on supply!

In a paper he presented to the American Petroleum Institute in 1956,  American geophysicist M. King Hubbert predicted that production of oil from conventional sources would peak in the continental US around 1965-1970. America’s oil production peaked in 1972, as I recall.

Hubbert’s Peak further predicted a worldwide peak at “about half a century” from publication and approximately 12 gigabarrels (GB) a year in magnitude. In a 1976 TV interview Hubbert added that the actions of OPEC might flatten the global production curve but this would only delay the peak for perhaps 10 years *.

The price of oil effects the price of everything. I predict YOU are gonna wanna be living in a “mixed use, mixed income neighborhood, with conveniently located lifelong learning and open space” by the year 2020. (I call em SUV’s-Sustainable Urban Villages)

(I’ll have to come up with a name for my Theory; how ’bout Skeele’s Make Sustainable Real Theory-Skeele’s MSRT.. rhymes with lizzard).

MSRT has a bunch of corollaries and branch theories.  The one that comes to mind right now, is  2A:YOU are gonna wanna have a house with a lot of insulation in the walls and ceiling, great indoor air quality from a Heat and Energy Recovery Exchange Unit, and be connected into a renewable/highly efficient cogeneration energy system.

We might as well have fun with this; gallows humor, knock knock jokes, etc as we are redeveloping our way of life to one that is “good for people, good for the planet, and good for the polar bears”! There’s a FUN section…post your funnies there!

Together, we are going to get really creative, and innovate our way to a sustainable future…What?  did you have something better to do??

One more thing. I am trying to be light about these Impending Bummers we are facing, but I can get scared. The good news is my wife is a counselor, and she is really good at setting up experiential processes that teach how to shift from our human nature to our spiritual nature. Another way of saying it is learning how to find the inner power that lies hidden behind the fear.  I’m going to be posting these helpful learning process in Life Skills.


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