Senior Cohousing!

Enjoyable and affordable. “In a retirement community, things are done for you and to you. In a cohousing community things are done by you.”  Sharing caregivers….having fun.  How’s this compare to your envisioned retirement?

Mountain View Cohousing Community from David Burwen on Vimeo.

Sounds good to me! Charles Durrett’s Senior Cohousing is an amazing book. He reports on the wide creative options the Danes have created in their senior cohousing communities across Denmark. We can be having way more fun! And way better safety nets!

Share your experiences in senior cohousing…We’re clueless as to what the options are compared to retirement homes!! Together, we can make sustainable real! READ MORE >>

Turning Banks and Business on Their Heads

Social Business. Whereas a charity dollar has one life, a social business dollar returns again and again, spreading the benefit of the social good. The poorest of the poor are lifting themselves up through entrepreneurism backed by a knowing of the unrealized human capacity that lies in each of us, all 6+ billion!

Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus has created dynamic, successful businesses serving large populations that banks have thought were lost causes.

Watch this video. It shattered some of my preconceived ideas of the poor, and gives great heart to my dreams of sustainable neighborhoods spreading across the planet.

As we learn to work together, community collaborations with win-win-win solutions will transform our lives. Our institutions will transform, our neighborhoods will transform. We will make choices that are “good for people, good for the planet, and good for the polar bears!”

Together, we can make sustainable real!..

You can’t do it all-Neighborhoods as Extended Families.

“…we once lived in small enough communities where people could help each other. Families were together… Parents have always needed help—but our generation decided that women should somehow do everything.” Michelle Obama

“You can’t do it all, it’s impossible… we have to reengineer support

Michelle and Opray

It takes a Village to raise a Family!

I was in the market checkout line and was immediately drawn to Oprah and Michelle Obama on the cover; the 1st White House interview with Michelle Obama.

One of the conversation points that really caught my attention was this part about growing up in an extended family;

Oprah: What you mentioned earlier is key: We have to ask for help. You can’t do it all. It’s impossible.

Michelle Obama: That’s a conversation I’d love for us to have as a society. How do we set expectations that are attainable?… READ MORE >>

Architectural Designer Contests!

I love architectural contests! Somebody puts up an award, and all these designers submit their best ideas.  and Wallah! The community gets a wider range of possibilities to work with.

How can the use of contests help bring forward our collaboration and creativity and further truly sustainable lifestyles, across the US and around the world?

I’ve heard rumors of websites for entrepreneurial  fund raising.  I just participated in a fundraiser for a green home building project in rural Mexico on Kickstarter.

kickstarter green housing in rural Mexico

Kickstarter fundraiser for Architects for Humanity

Share your ideas Contest ideas here! It’s time to be making  sustainable real!… READ MORE >>

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