Inner and Outer Support to Make Sustainable Real!

As we work together to build, test and deploy rapid social, economic, and ecological prototype scenarios for sustainability, we can kick the ball farther down the road sooner, if we build in support.

My experience is the creative process pushes my buttons. My expectations of perfection cripples me.  How can I ask for help if my ideas are “halfbaked”?… Jill Badonsky, a creativity coach, says 85% of us will give up when our “demons” start to show up. (around 38 minutes into an interview Mastering the Shift, with Rebecca Skeele)

Stereotypically, we have a culture of men who don’t ask for directions, who don’t read the assembly instructions.  What I have in mind with this section of the website, is a place where we give ourselves permission to ask for, receive, and give support.

Getting feedback, brainstorming, asking for help when we run into inner and outer challenges, knowing when to hold back critical thinking and open up to the Believing Game, all are lessons in giving and receiving support.

Maybe we celebrate mistakes, cheer for the dumbest questions, share our perceived short comings, as we muddle our way to innovation. How do we reach out in support to “failure”, how do we open up to lessons learned and stop beating ourselves up?

Share your experiences of what was supportive. What kind of support would you like today?  What “monkey mind” thoughts and “demons” come up when you move into the creative?

peer coaching Teamwork, mentoring, coaching, sharing, collaborating…we are all in this together.  We’re learning how to make sustainable real!




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