If it ain’t FUN, it ain’t sustainable!

I think that says it all!  “If it ain’t Fun, it ain’t sustainable!”

I can get overwhelmed by the immensity of it all; the Impending Bummers, the complexity of all these systems within  systems, trying to figure out how we are gonna learn to collaborate on such large scales, when we’re so busy it’s hard to get three people together at any one time.

As a visionary wannabe facilitator of sustainable neighborhoods, who’s  been going for “What else can we do beside suburbia?” for 30 + years, I’ve learned some useful tools along the way. A major learning is working with the inspiration within. At times I call it “Letting go, and letting God”.  Now I know we have deep convictions about separating church and state, and I don’t want to use language that might create separation between us, so please just consider this concept, and substitute the words that work for you….

The point I’m making here, is this idea of letting go and trusting some bigger part of myself, or some inner wisdom,  whatever you call it, leads me to lightening up and having more fun! I can poke fun at myself for being so serious. I find more compassion for myself as I get scared of all the unknowns.  And I get awesome ideas, they just show up. I laugh out loud at the great conversations and fun ideas that enter my head.  Little by little, trust builds up inside, and I follow the truth as best as I know how.

Another great tool is practicing self forgiveness. I try not to judge myself, but I practice self forgiveness whenever I catch myself beating myself up; and I do, such a perfectionist, wanting to do it right, being afraid that I’m not the expert  I should be…it isn’t fun, it feels terrible, until I use some of the skills I’ve learned. I call em life skills.  As a lone wolf kind of guy that wants to be a part of sustainable neighborhoods, I’ll probably be learning life skills til I die. Actually, I think it goes with being on the planet.

Having fun is one of the challenges of our times… but hey! if that’s what it takes to make sustainable real, I’ll give it my best shot!

Share your tips, your lessons learned, on how to have fun in the midst of all the changes!

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