Once upon a time, in a far off corner of the world…..People would pilgrimage to Santa Fe New Mexico and stare in amazement at what the ancients had created.  Right up there with Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and Chaco Canyon, perched on the old landfill, set one of the testaments to the creative ingenuity of man.

Build with simple tools, and tuned to the cosmos, every solstice earth renewal ceremonies would once again align the planet.  Time dealt Fridgehenge harshly, as did the city fathers.  It’s now a memory, a long gone relic of a time when the humans began to come to grips with their unsustainable ways.

I love the creative, whimsical, surprising gifts we are. I imagine neighborhoods filled with celebration and artistic expression, from 4 year olds telling jokes on open mic evenings, to roof top viewings of the sunset.

What ingredients would you add to your neighborhood? As it is said “If it ain’t fun, it ain’t sustainable!”  Share your ideas, your stories….Together we can make sustainable real!

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