Transform the Burbs, one service at a time!

What service would you like to provide out of your suburban home?

Imagine your neighborhood filled with home occupation services and businesses!

On Saturday, April 23, busloads of visitors are expected to descend upon Levittown for the unveiling of nine style renovations of local homes.

Rich Santer at 47 Pebble Lane will have a “House Dress, Family Games” theme where guests can play games for a fee.

Anita Thompson at 29 Winding Lane will host “Public Pantry” where guests can participate in a shared kitchen and purchase food from her kitchen and pantry. 

open for business

Transform the Burbs, open your business at home!

Jim Hudak of 20 Wood Lane in Wantagh will host “House of Signs” where guests will make their own signs to take home. 

Lisa Vanderberg of 2910 Carlyle Road in Wantagh will host “Family Time Restaurant” and partake in a museum setting of Levittown, with souvenirs, a café, and a house tour.

Polly Dwyer of 39 Old Oak Land will host the “House of Advice” where visitors can gain peer counseling, or hear a bedtime story.




Joseph Barsallo of 21 Wood Lane will host “Future Open Houses.” A map of Levittown and scale model will be on display for guests to see the future of Levittown…Phyllis Dalton of 72 Knoll Lane will host “Classroom” where a classroom setting will be created on her lawn and guests can pay to make a photo album or purchase books already made.

Ann Torcivia of 19 Wood Lane  will host “Vacation Practice” where travel clients will be transported to their favorite vacation destination while planning their future travel.

Dawn Occhiogrosso of 495 Sand Hill Road in Wantagh will present “Bright Dawn Farm” where she will offer gardening plants and seed, and other gardening sales to the participants.

“Part of a shift from hyper-consumption towards collaborative consumption, Open House is an architectural outgrowth of a revolutionary re-adjustment of capitalist values, ones which mix with social values,” says Charles Renfro, partner at Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

The event will kick-off in Manhattan with a symposium at Studio-X New York, 180 Varick Street at 10 a.m., moderated by Mark Wasiuta of Columbia University.

Symposium guests will be bused to Levittown, where visitors can view and participate in several house installations in the neighborhood, designed and executed by architects, designers and artists in collaboration with the homeowners. One of the installations will showcase concepts for future open houses, with proposals for new housing configurations and regulatory modifications.

I LOVE THIS! Folks being encouraged by artists, architects and designers to get creative! Share your idea of what kind of service or business you’d like to include in your neighborhood!

Seriously, we can make sustainable real!

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