Smart growth for an economy built in real, lasting values

Today’s local newspaper, the Santa Fe New Mexican, talks about a big cut to the new¬†nuclear¬†facility at Los Alamos. The US Senate’s new budget cuts the funding in half. What irritates me about Los Alamos National Laboratory is its focus on bombs and nuclear industry. I can’t believe we need more of either. I hear this “oh but we need the jobs… what about the economy?”

Hey, these are disruptive times…a job for the sake of a job isn’t enough. Jobs created from building a bomb making facility on top of a earthquake fault is not a justification of stupid.

I’m a general contractor. The jobs have gone away. The construction industry is comatose, on life support. Is this justification for building more suburban sprawl?? Hell no.

It’s time to get smarter. Find the unmet market demand, and build Sustainable Urban Villages!

Stupid jobs, that ultimately take out species, cause cancer, or put too much at risk further down the line, are not good options… I know, we will sell anything to anybody, if it’s good for the economy. Those days are over….tobacco, asbestos, DDT, plutonium, and sprawl just aren’t viable options!

It’s a new day! Get smart! Together we can make sustainable real!…

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