4th of 29 Ways to Make Money on Your Well-Designed Home-Sell Part of Your Home

I’ve started a list of good ideas that come about if we rethink the functions and interplay of our home and its neighborhood.  So far I’ve got 29 killer (If I do say so myself)  ideas.  The first 7 are home oriented, the last 22 are more neighborhood oriented. Add your ideas to the list via the comment area!

Home Design

4. Sell Part of Your Hometenants in common

With all the household profiles that don’t fit into the Ward and June Clever, Wally and the Beaver, traditional suburban demographics (2.5 children, dog, and two parents under one roof), there is demand for something else.  The latest numbers I’ve heard is only 24% of US households fit the stereotypical household profile.

That means there are a bunch of people looking for a living arrangement that better suits their needs.  I’m suggesting you can sell off part of your house! You could sell 1/3 or 1/4….what a concept!  How could this be useful to you? Share your ideas below!! …

Design  tips.

Every situation is different of course…but having a separate entrance, and an extra kitchenette seems like a good idea to me. Sub meter so everyone pays his or her share, little tips to keep the relationship from going sideways.

Challenges and New Skills

Owning a house together is kind of like a marriage, eh??!!   If you’ve split up a house with multiple tenants, share your experience with us.  I had a builder suggest to me yesterday, that these 8,000sf McMansions that are sitting empty could be subdivided.  Tenants in common is one way the ownership could be structured.

Maybe the local ordinances don’t allow accessory units.  As the price of gasoline goes up, the creative solutions are gonna start flowing!

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