Share the Vision of Your Thriving, Sustainable Future

If the current state of affairs is the best we can do, we are in trouble! With all the Impending Bummers, we got problems Houston.  What the world needs now, is a vision of where to go! We got the hell part down, now, where is heaven??? Share your vision of daily life in your future thriving, sustainable neighborhood !

vida streetscape

A Sustainable Neighborhood Streetscape

Just in case you want some ideas to jog your vision, here are some of the Goals and Guiding Principles… you might include in your sharing. These could be thought of as the frame work, or background of a sustainable neighborhood. Please feel free to add the liveliness to the life you would like to be living!

  1. Reduce the amount of resources consumed, in both construction and operation
  2. Demand connectivity, connected open spaces and connected human spaces
  3. Design safe roads
  4. Support public transportation
  5. Mix uses;  Combine the Five Components of Community:
  • Places to live
  • Places to work
  • Places to shop
  • Places to gather and recreate
  • Places to go to school
  1. Mix Incomes; Create, capture and share wealth locally:
  • Shared open space and amenities
  • Affordable lifestyle
  • Work force housing
  • Profit sharing from new, locally-owned commercial space
  • Profit sharing from gentrification resale
  • Smaller lot sizes, increased densities-smart infill
  • Shared amenities and open space

As Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera put it, “Envision how you want it to work, and then remove the barriers”. How can we move in without your vision??

Have fun, don’t be concerned about the logistics, our critical thinking skills will stop us before we start.  The  opportunity here is to envision a great place to live, your great place to live.

Let’s make sustainable real!


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