Meltdowns and Other Impending Bummers

“Oh so many, ways to be wicked”
I woke this morning to the song playing in my head, Maria McKee and Lone Justice belting it out, my personal soundtrack….the Japanese Meltdown is in Day 6.

I call em Impending Bummers. When I think about doing something unknown, I can have a lot of apprehension, I can feel downright scared. I bite my finger nails, tear at my cuticles.

Maybe it’s the thousands of years of our collective worrying about getting eaten by a sabertooth tiger.  Or if Genghis Khan is going to show up in the spring this year…That may explain where the dread, this background anxiety, comes from. It certainly pushes me on a spiritual path in an attempt to find relief, but face it, as stewards of our amazing beautiful spinning green and blue planet, we suck….

I’ve started a list of some of the challenges we face. How is this list useful?? As we proceed toward a sustainable lifestyle, keeping a lookout for impending bummers, unintended consequences, is just smart. In the past, we’ve managed these possible outcomes as “externalities” (let somebody else pay for it), and any one of them may well eat our lunch.  So staying aware, making decisions with the eyes of the next 7 generations is a sound way to be on this planet.

Resiliency is more than a good idea. Like lifelong learning, it’s a way of life.  Damn, there are so many ways to be wicked!

If you know of good links to these Impending Bummers, or want to add to the list, come on down!! It’ll help us steer our way to a future that makes sustainable real!

  1. Risk Management 101 for these times-this guy rocks IMHO
  2. Video on Global Population
  3. video on Obesity and Hunger
  4. Oceans Woes, plastic, dropping pH, fish farming, lawns
  5. Devasting Drought Comes to Southwest
  6. Catastrophic Drought to Southwest
  7. Global warming
  8. Worlds reefs
  9. Heavy Metals
  10. Nitrogen Runoff
  11. Top Soil Loss
  12. Pharmaceuticals, endocrine interrupters
  13. Phosphorous depletion/shortages
  14. 30% non fertile humans
  15. Bees
  16. $1.2 Trillion commercial underwater
  17. Bond Market
  18. Flooding
  19. ½ Boomers no retirement
  20. $4+/gallon gasoline, permanently.
  21. 1.5 million more residential foreclosures in 2011

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