Neighborhoods as Crepes…Add Your Filling!!

As I was driving around the neighborhood just south of downtown Albuquerque this weekend, I kept wondering how come the 50’s deco corner buildings were empty? Why isn’t this neighborhood more alive?

Yeah, all the homes are one story, simple 50’s suburbia, sidewalks, nothing glamorous, but friendly. The corner buildings look like old gas stations, or malt shoppes. Where’s Betty Lou on roller skates??

The image of thin pancakes popped into my mind. Ya  know, when there is too much water in the batter, and the baking powder hasn’t kicked in yet.  Crepes!  Hey I like crepes…ya fill them with stuff, roll em up….sweet or savory.


What amenities would you add to your neighborhood to make it tasty!?

But thin neighborhoods are boring. They appear vacant, nobody’s walking to anything. No kids playing in the streets….Don’t these neighborhoods have kids??!…

All that non activity makes for fat.   Yep, thin neighborhoods are conducive to diabetes, and all other sorts of overweight conditions. Take another look at the village scene at the top of this page.  Maybe by this time, you’ll be able to mouse and zoom in.  (HEY, HOW DO WE MAKE THE SCENE ZOOMABLE AND CLICKABLE ON POINTS OF INTEREST???)

No thin neighborhood here….well, maybe in the upper reaches, but the “Sustainable Urban Village” is full of life.  there’s lot’s of really conveniently located things to do.

Are you living in an unfilled crepe?  What would you add? Share your vision of life beyond suburbia!

As Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera put it, “Envision how you want it to work, and then remove the barriers”. How can we move in without your vision??

Together we can make sustainable real!

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