I’ve started a list of good ideas that come about if we rethink the functions and interplay of our home and its neighborhood.  So far I’ve got 29 killer (If I do say so myself)  ideas.  The first 7 are home oriented, the last 22 are more neighborhood oriented. Add to the list via the comment area!

Home Design 

Granny Flat

Granny Flat Above Garage

#2. Rent Out “Granny Flat” Over Garage

The space above the garage is an opportunity for a guest room, separate residence, or a home office.  A typical garage is what, 20′ x 24 ‘? That is 480 sq ft.  I know I want to stay independent when I get older, and having my own space would be fabulous!

The space could work really well for a young person as well. They’re learning to be more independent and they have a bio-clock that likes to stay up late and get up late.

Maybe you’d like to move into the granny flat, and rent out the main house, staying in the neighborhood with long time friends.

Design  tips.

Going up stairs is a great way to stay in shape. Maybe at some point, … having grandad living in a spare bedroom inside the house makes more sense, but until then, having one’s own space is awesome.

480 sf is a big space especially if it is well designed.  Do you have a 480sf floor plan you love and would like to share? or some ideas that need help?  Submit it below and we’ll put it into “floor plans” or make the Challenge of the Week.

Sub meter so everyone pays his or her share. Does that long shower your daughter takes drive you crazy? Have her pay for it!

Build in flexibility to allow the space to be reconfigured as a home office, or two!

After grandma moves into the spare bedroom, the living quarters over the garage could be where a part-time or full time caregiver lives.  Maybe there are several elders in the neighborhood that could share the caregiver’s services, making it more affordable for everyone! See Time Banking!

Potential  income; $300-$800? per month plus % of utilities! or consider the savings versus a retirement home.

If you move into the granny flat, the main house can be rented out for even more!

Challenges and New Skills

We avoid the eldering part of our lives; the grand parent doesn’t want to be a burden; The adult children have tough choices to make.   Share what has worked for you. together we will bring more awareness and innovative solutions that make the end of life transition as magical as the birth.

Maybe the local ordinances don’t allow accessory units.

Post your Challenge. Kind of like Ask Ann Landers meets This Old House….and the collective wisdom answers!

We’re all in this together. Let’s make sustainable real!

Image courtesy of NSW, Sydney, Au govt

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