Health and Healing- Inner work in a supportive environment!

the light body

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels of health

Whoa, this is a huge component to a sustainable lifestyle.  In many ways, health is  an indicator of  sustainability. There’s inner health, coming to grips with emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. And of course, there are the elements of physical  and outer health.

A newborn’s health begins in the womb. Diet and food quality, toxicity in the environment, stress in our lives, how loving our environment, and what kinds of options we have available as we age and transition from this plane are just a few of the profound components that come into play….

Please add your area(s) of interest and concern, and share resources and recommendations, as we seek to make sustainable real!

  1. Alzheimer caregivers tips
  3. In Senior Cohousing, Danes (?) came up with the idea of providing residential suites, in addition to their residents. In case a member got sick or broke a hip, family members could come and stay in the residential suite and provide assistance as their family member convalesced. In another situation, the residential suite was used to “recruit” a professional care provider away from a local assisted living facility. Room and board was provided to the care giver, and as the number of cohousing needing assistance grew, the care giver was able to switch from a part time to a full time position. This is brilliant! The cohousing members get affordable, personal service, partially in trade, from a professional who becomes like a family member.

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