Funding strategy for Sustainable Urban Villages

Just after I sent out the Sustainable Urban Village in Santa Fe invitation, I got this email from a friend.

Hi Brian,

Great cause…what are you doing for financing?


Hello Peter,
the game plan of this first phase, of gathering input from the unmet market’s demand,… is to create momentum and attract monies to fund the second phase. I actually got a call yesterday from an enthusiastic lady who said her long time contacts have money…and she offered this out of the blue!

Kind of reminds me of fishing, but what the heck, I guess I’m a fisherman for sustainable neighborhoods. Calling myself a developer of sustainable neighborhoods kind of sticks in my craw….Developer has such bad connotations. I’ve thought of facilitator, orchestrator, cheerleader, ….how bout pimp, shill, barker…a friend called me a bumbling enthusiastic….not bad, kind of long.

My intention is sustainable neighborhoods will become as popular as cell phones and spread across the planet, so I am looking for ways to monetize such that the created value drives the market. I clearly see the end game has a market value of trillions.

It’s such a great intention, I can let it go into the Highest Good and watch the magic happen! Got any ideas??!!


Do you have any ideas?? post em below.  Together we can make sustainable real!

Image courtesy of LD Events…

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