Interest Free Banking and better schools!

Watch this video!  along with an amazing shift in my thinking around banking, I love the moderator’s accent!

I was talking with a friend yesterday, a newly retired school teacher, and I asked her how she would improve schools. “Hire more teachers” she replied.

I agree. I’ve had several teachers tell me they don’t even have time to pee during the day. How can we bring creativity and innovation into the classroom, if teachers don’t have time to contemplate and investigate best practices??…

Another question…How are we going to hire more teachers in this shrinking economy? Santa Fe School District has been cutting the budget seems like 5-10% every year for the last 4 years, how in the world will be hiring more teachers?

The answer that popped up for me, is to invest in our state’s economy like North Dakota has.  Starting in 1919 I believe, all revenues (taxes, etc) have gone into the state bank, and then get loaned out to farmers and other N Dakotans.  These are not “flip this house speculative” kind of loans.  Now North Dakota has an economic surplus, the only state in the nation with an economic surplus.

New Mexico doesn’t have a state bank, yet.  State rep. Brian Egolf introduced a bill last year to create such an animal, but it has yet to pass.  I’m suggesting this is where we need to be heading…get New Mexico’s revenues invested in real lasting values, like Sustainable Urban Villages, built the economy, and fully fund the School Districts state wide!

These may not be interest free loans, but the challenge and opportunity before us is to get innovative, gather what works from around the planet, and build our future economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable!

Together, we can make sustainable real!! and have time to pee …every day!

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