A Rock Star in the Pantheon of Sustainability

In the 60’s “CLAPTON IS GOD” graffiti started showing up around London.  I’m sure if you’re wandering around Chicago, you will find graffiti paying homage “DAVIS IS GOD”.  But you asked yourself, “What the heck does that mean?” and dismissed it “Kids on drugs”.  Well, here’s the story.

See this kind, grandmotherly lady smiling at you? She is the Mick Jagger/Keith Richards in the world of sustainability!  Check out A Trojan Horse of Love.  It’s right up there with “Stairway to Heaven”, or “Satisfaction” for all-time greats.



Talk about rock stars- Susan Davis is in the Pantheon!

  • A deal is a good deal when it’s good for all concerned.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Generosity comes back ten-fold to the bottom line.
  • Socially responsible companies are more productive and profitable than others.
  • Water doesn’t rise any higher than its source.
  • Treasure teamwork; share the wealth.
  • The best call a company can get is a call of complaint because it helps it to improve, so when you get a complaint call, start by saying “thank you!”.
  • Love the discipline of the numbers.
  • Never make decisions out of fear
  • Trust the universe.
Image courtesy of A Trojan Horse of Love  …

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