Bring our best to the Neighborhood thru Dynamic Governance

Here’s a short video on an European Invention…Sociocracy.  For us Americans who get the heebie-jeebies around the word socialism, they created another name, Dynamic Governanace, or Dynamic Self-Governance (DSG).

Check out the Thomas Jefferson quotes in the video….amazing….reminds me of the energy present at the beginning of a major shift. It’s like he’s pleading and cajoling the Status Quo to get a move on! Lift up to your highest good!

Imagine a workplace, or a neighborhood, filled with this kind of energy. Each person’s contribution is honored, even celebrated! the kind of place I want to live.

How bout you? Share your contribution. Together we can make sustainable real!… READ MORE >>

Better than Democracy?

How do you capture lightning in a bottle?  Human ingenuity is the greatest asset we have, and since the times call for innovation on all levels, I’m saying it’s time to tap the lightning.

tapping into the power...human ingenuity

This Sustainable Urban Village I am proposing, needs a governance system that’s built on human ingenuity and innovation.  Check out this video on Dynamic Governance… and imagine feeling similarly about your neighbors, as these people feel about their fellow employees.

Even though businesses are the subject, why wouldn’t these dynamics transfer to a neighborhood where all the residents and businesses are organized around a great, sustainable place to live and work?  Sign me up!!!… READ MORE >>

A Match Made in Heaven

Foundation Investing and Your Vision of Sustainable Neighborhoods

Foundations grant 5% of their assets and invest 95%.  As I understand it, the branch of the foundation that invests has very little connection to the branch that makes grants.  In fact, sometimes their actions are running against each other.

The beauty of socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable neighborhoods, is they meet both objectives! The social mission of empowering, resilient, health lifestyles, uplifting,  poverty busting, social justice,  ecologically sound, and local economic development all gets handled in  “mixed use, mixed income neighborhoods with lifelong learning and open space” .

The investment mission gets handled in creating large opportunities for investing in real, lasting values!

So… submit your ideas, your vision of the sustainable life you want to be living. As the needs aggregate, the existing market demand for sustainable neighborhoods becomes more apparent. Once the construction industry, from builders to banks to investors, finally accepts the go-go days  are gone, they will become more open to this new form of community based in real, lasting values. National foundations will have something to invest in that meets their asset needs. And their funding branch will see their missions move forward.

Your vision of your desired future sustainable lifestyle and billions of foundation $$$ assets ….A match made in heaven!!…


Cap & Trade-smoke and mirrors?

I’ve read a couple of articles about cap and trade, and the authors seem to think it’s bogus.  Way too complicated. A boondoggle to make the same clever people who brought us the foreclosure bummer even richer.

Here’s Anne Leonard’s take on it.

The idea I like is to tax carbon, and lift taxes on income.  In this way, folks will be encouraged to take their savings and invest in renewable energy.  I cannot believe how happy newspaper stories report on increase fossil fuel production, or the good news about nuclear energy…What planet are these people living on???… READ MORE >>

WANTED: Killer Modeling Tool to Sell Sustainable Urban Villages! Part 3

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — New construction of U.S. housing units plunged in February, erasing a sharp gain in January and coming close to an all-time-low level. March 16,2011


Bed ZED is different. We're not in Suburbia anymore, Todo!

If we want to revitalize the US Economy, we have to do things differently.

If we work with the 1/3 of the Boomers, and 88% of the Millennials that want to move into vibrant, alive, pedestrian friendly walkable neighborhoods, we can resurrect the construction industry and send us on a path to a prosperous, positive future! What is required is using a whole systems approach and designing for an exponentially more efficient way of life… READ MORE >>

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