Impending Bummers-Is Your Favorite on the List?

We might as well have some fun while we deal with the Paradigm Shift. I’ve been kind of anxious as long as I can remember, biting my fingernails, a perfectionist, worried if I’m enough, if I’m doing it right.  Things usually turn out really well, and yet before that, I can find myself worrying, apprehensive about how the future event is going to turn out.  I call this low level anxiety my “fear of the Impending Bummer”. 

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, Global Warming, Nuke Meltdowns and other Impending Bummers

Scientists and other observant citizens have been drawing our attention to accumulating social, economic, and ecological “unintended” consequences and I call these our Impending Bummers. In a world of sticks and carrots, the Impending Bummers are the sticks.
Beyond Suburbia is about making better choices; choices which have way more carrots and way fewer sticks;  A world without major bummers of our own making. I call it the emerging sustainable economy.
As we go forward, learning how to make these better choices, we need to keep our eyes open for Bummers. Join in, add yours to the list! Together we can make sustainable real!…

A List of Impending Bummers…and of course, the already Happening Now Bummers
  1. Increasingly severe Hurricanes and Tornadoes .
  2. Catastrophic flooding and permanent droughts around the planet.
  3. Massive chemical poisoning invading soil, rivers, and oceans.
  4. Overuse of pesticides on genetically modified crops will produce uncontrollable, pesticide-resistant superweeds.
  5. Endocrine interrupters in food supplies turn people of child bearing age infertile. Female children will start menstruating at 9 years old, or younger.
  6. Ocean levels will rise, causing massive displacement and migrations.
  7. Over use of pharmaceuticals and anti biotics will create super bacteria and viruses that will render antibiotics ineffective, ravaging inpatients in hospitals.
  8. Upwind arrogance in the face of nature’s power, will cause radiation to spew upon into the air and onto waters and fields.
  9. Bee populations, weakened by pollution, stress, and a diet of corn syrup,  will have massive die offs, and the human race will disappear in three years, as the food supplies disappear.
  10. The extra carbon in the atmosphere will cause carbonic acid to form in the oceans, the coral will die off, and food chains in the oceans will be massively interrupted.
  11. Coal fired power plants will spew mercury over the lands and waters, contaminating fish. Mother’s milk will become unsafe to feed to their babies.
  12. Over consumption of the planet’s fossil fuels, will cause the price of gasoline to soar higher and higher. The price for everything else that is made from plastics or transported will skyrocket as well.  You will be spending $8 a gallon to fill your car within 5 years.
  13. The rising price of gasoline will cause massive amounts more foreclosures in the United States.Those currently commuting long distances to work, will be forced into car pooling then lose their homes as they aren’t able to afford the commute. Home values will continue to drop, as more and more homes go into foreclosure. By 2025, the market will be oversupplied by 20 million suburban homes.
  14. Trillions of dollars of commercial real estate will go under, as suburban residents leave their sprawl communities and shopping malls behind.
  15. The snowpacks will decrease world wide and massive droughts will become more regular in occurrence.  Future wars will be fought over water.

Add Impending Bummers and Happening Now Bummers to the list via comments!!! and  by keeping an eye on them, make better choices; let’s make sustainable real!

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